When a family's success has brought bit more complexity to their lives, they look for ways to simplify the management of their Family Enterprise. By the third generation, successful families typically hold more than half of their assets in trust. We frequently suggest that aspiring Enterprising Families use a Wyoming Family Trust Company to administer their family's trusts. This avenue provides access to favorable Wyoming trust and tax law, while leaving families with ultimate control over trust assets. We are uniquely positioned to serve in a variety of roles within this structure (or collaborate with existing trusted advisors). Some of our core Family Trust Company Services and Technology include the following: 


Oversight and Guidance 

  • Service on board of managers/directors 

  • Service on various committees (e.g., investment, distribution, philanthropy) 

  • Development of policies and procedures  

  • Trust protector services 

  • Legal Counsel (through The Grupp Law Firm LLC)

  • Investment oversight (through Grupp Financial LLC)  


Family Trust Company Administrative Services 

  • Officer positions 

  • Trust accounting and reporting   

  • Compliance with and fulfillment of trust mandates  

  • Implementation and adherence to governance structures and processes 

  • Management of trust assets  

  • Coordination and collaboration with third party service providers 

  • Jurisdictional nexus 


EntoleTM Family Trust Company Services 

  • Asset management integration 

  • Task creation and documentation of trust mandates 

  • Tailored process integration and adherence  

  • Consolidated financial reporting  

  • Portals for third party service providers  

  • Tailored fiduciary guidelines  

  • Fiduciary activity documentation 


We often recommend that the Family Trust Company serve as the chassis for the Family Office. As bespoke entities, Family Trust Companies can be structured with various committees and other service components to provide full Family Office services, obviating the need for separate infrastructures.  


    Family Trust Company Services
    Family Trust Company Services