Our goal is to enable Families to take the Enterprise View to realize the full potential of their Family Office so families can take care of the people they love, contribute to the causes that are important to them, and make a positive difference in the world.


The Family Office acts at the direction of the family that it serves. In the case of Enterprising Families, the Family Office should manifest alignment of purpose and management of risks and opportunities across the entire spectrum. Through our comprehensive service offerings and digital solutions, we assist families in leveraging their Family Offices to manage their Enterprise in a centralized, holistic manner. Some of our core service offerings include: 


  • Accounting and reporting; 

  • Investment strategy and implementation; 

  • Integrated family wealth planning; 

  • Family philanthropy; 

  • Lifestyle enhancement; 

  • Client information management and security; 

  • Wealth transfer planning; 

  • Liability management;  

  • Family continuity / client education; 


We are built for collaboration. Our service offerings can be as comprehensive or as supplemental as you would like. In many instances, we provide supplemental services and digital solutions to existing Family Offices. For example, we may license the technology infrastructure to streamline and centralize existing services or, perhaps, we may utilize this infrastructure in conjunction with some or all of the above services.

    Family Office Services
    Family Office Services