Given the fiduciary responsibilities of those working in a Family Office, appropriate workflow management is not just an option, it’s a requirement! To assist with this need, Entole provides a workflow engine that allows you to select from over a hundred pre-seeded events to ensure that every critical action has the appropriate chain of command. These workflows are submitted for approval using the web-based application, and delivered straight to your e-mail inbox with the relevant information to quickly review and approve. This creates an auditable trail of the approvals that take place in your organization, and trigger the completion of key processes such as indicating that certain invoices can be paid or that checks can be printed.


  1. Over a hundred rule events pre-built into the system
    1. Please view Appendix H – Pre-built Approval Rules for a complete list.
  2. Customizable to your entire Family Enterprise, a particular group of Legal Entities, or a particular Legal Entity
  3. Rules customizable off values attached to a record
    1. For example, create one invoice rule for invoices under $10,000 and another for invoices equal to or greater than $10,000
  4. Optional requirement for user to enter password or secure signature to approve
    1. This will add the approval to a searchable “lock-box”
  5. Approval directly from e-mail or mobile device
  6. All approvals permanently stored to object
  7. Request more information from Family Office Team members straight from approval window, with an optional requirement that it go through the approval process again
  8. Send “FYI” approvals
    1. Notifies a user without requiring them to take action
  9. Parallels or Serial approval (or a combination of the two)
    1. Thus, you decide whether to let everyone approve at once, or require each approval sequentially
    2. Allow vote-based parallel approvals (e.g. only 60% of the group needs to approve for it to pass)
  10. Define approvals by management hierarchy, static group of users, or a custom formula
  11. OPTIONAL: Allow users to reassign approvals
  12. Set vacation mode or delegation to another user – allows another user to cover for you with your permission. The system audits everything!