The Holmes Report estimates that $37bn is lost every year just to employee misunderstanding.  Conversely, companies with highly effective communications have 47% higher total returns to stakeholders over a five-year period compared to firms that have leaders who are less effective. To better facilitate communication between the Family, Family Office participants, and external advisors, Entole provides a Social Network that integrates with all the different objects (e.g. invoices, accounts projects, etc.). By providing an easy-to-use Social Network, we find that team members work more effectively together.


Here are some of the features the Social Network offers:


  1. Everything is real-time
  2. Multimedia support – Text, content, video, and voice in one stream
  3. Invite 3rd Parties on limited access basis
  4. Annotate documents
  5. Search all content
  6. Read/Unread marking
  7. Mark for follow-up
  8. Filter content to what is relevant to you
  9. Trending topics
  10. Topic hashtagging
  11. Natively integrated with all aspects of system
  12. Allows flagging of parties as:
    1. Please Reply (urgent)
    2. Please Reply
    3. For Your Information
  13. E-mail notifications
  14. Mobile Application
  15. Desktop Application
  16. Web-based Application
  17. Tagging of conversations
  18. Change tracking for related records to social stream
  19. Every conversation can be set to one or more members. If the object is linked to an object, then the permissions of the object grant access to the conversation.