Whether you are actively managing sales inside of Entole for operating businesses, or simply organizing your contacts for the various people with whom you do business, the CRM embedded in Entole provides an excellent platform to organize your contacts. At a basic level, Entole allows you to see who your contacts, leads, opportunities, and accounts are. Extending on top of this, you can see visual mappings of different contacts, their managers, influence on projects/accounts, and their favorability towards you. This can create a visual mapping to help you navigate the complex webs of individuals with whom you work. Not stopping there, in the future Entole will integrate with incentive compensation, forecasts, quotas and other common tools to help rally your sales force and project future revenue streams.


  1. Sales Force Automation
    1. Engage Customers and Compete with lead-to-contract tools
    2. Mobile Applications
    3. Cross-sell and up-sell with white space analysis and product recommendations
  2. Partner Relationship Management
  3. Customer Data Cleansing and Consolidation
  4. Complete Data by Enriching with External Sources
  5. Integration available for Data Driven CX (Customer Experience) Platforms
  6. Integrated Social Conversations
  7. Integration with Office Suite
  8. Integrations available for eCommerce