The Achilles heel of the Family Office: Reporting. Entole offers best of breed reporting, utilizing Oracle Hyperion, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence, and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher to provide you reports, when you need them, formatted how you want them. All of your information is accessible, at the push of a button, according to the security privileges of each user. To assist with the reporting process, we have over 800 pre-seeded reports and dashboards. Additionally, with the power of Oracle’s reporting engine, if you can think of a report, it can be built. These can then be published to your dashboard, PDF, a mobile application, or just about anything else you can think of. Using our Excel integrations, you are able to download reports straight into excel, continue manipulating them, save the file, and return and update the information on-demand. We encourage you to get excited about how the future can look for your Family Office when all of your information is accessible from one, centralized location.


  1. Pre-seeded with over 800 reports and dashboards – View Appendix G – Full Reporting List for a complete list
    1. This number will exceed 1000 with an upcoming enhancement
  2. Easily consolidated reporting across several to thousands of Legal Entities
  3. Utilize native data, or consolidate data across multiple data sources
  4. Report in the currency of your choice
  5. Multiple reporting engines to choose from
    1. Real-time reports with drill down
    2. Scheduled Reports
    3. Creation of tabular or graphical content
  6. Creation of custom dashboards
  7. Business users can run and create custom reports
  8. Reporting on any field in system
  9. Changes to GL/Accounts automatically reflected in reporting
  10. Any user may create reports (based permission levels)
  11. Advanced security checks for reporting by end-users
  12. Report on multiple accounting bases from same GL
  13. Easy-drill down on reports to underlying data
  14. Run reports showing both posted and unposted GL entries
  15. Run reports across multiple fiscal periods
  16. Create custom analyses within a custom report
  17. Creation of PDFs from reports
  18. Ability to generate graphs
  19. Management access to reporting through dashboards and reporting folders
  20. Run reports over custom date ranges
  21. Easy sharing of reports
  22. Excel Integration (Export and Run Reports in Excel, Modify Reports in Excel, Build Reports from Scratch in Excel)