At the core of all businesses you need some level of Project Management. Entole’s Project Management module includes numerous pre-defined project templates and workflows. These will be customized during implementation to meet your individual needs. Additionally, if there are separate workflows that are not part of this predefined library these can be easily added. Through these templates, project plans can be created that will populate the task lists for your team members. Easy to use reporting allows quick visualization of the status of the projects in your organization.


Features Included:


  1. Collaborative Planning
  2. Project Manager Mobile
  3. Team Member Mobile
  4. Unified Workspace for All Tasks
  5. Mobile Task Management Application
  6. Embedded Social
  7. Critical Path Project Plans
  8. Gantt Chart Diagramming
  9. Document Integration
  10. Performance Analytics
  11. Real-time Reporting
  12. Interactive Dashboards
  13. Embedded Insights
  14. Custom Workflows and Approvals
  15. Custom Object Creation to Track Information Unique to Your Business
  16. Microsoft Project Integration
  17. Excel Integration


Future Enhancements:


  1. Resource Scheduling and Utilization Reports (Under Development for Future Versions)
  2. Search and Match
  3. Utilization Check
  4. Project Talent Research and Tracking
  5. Resource Pools