Procurement requirements can be as simple as managing the entry of Suppliers or as complex as integrating with vendors’ supply catalogs and automating the order process with POs. and everything in between. Entole supports robust management of your suppliers, their preferred method of payment, the currency they should be paid in, billing terms, and many other settings to help automate and expedite your payment process. All of these changes are wrapped inside of approval processes to ensure that information is validated before any payments are allowed to go out of your bank accounts.


Current Feature List


  1. Supplier Management
    1. One point of entry across all Legal Entities
  2. Robust supplier master controls to prevent duplication, differentiate regular vendors from one time vendors, partner functions to integrate vendor departments, sites tying all or a specific area(s) to one vendor
  3. Allows creation of POs
  4. Integrated with Invoices in A/P Module and provides for Invoice Matching
    1. Automatically imports GL coding from PO if available
  5. Allows restriction of payment to invoice until receipt of goods in PO
  6. Customizable approval flow
    1. Require different approvals by the business that is being dealt with
    2. Approvals by industry type
    3. Approvals by supplier registration reason
  7. List maintains purchased inventory and easy re-ordering options
  8. Supplier Information Shared with AP
  9. Tracks, stores, and reports on contracts/licenses
  10. Allows for custom expense recognition for contract or software license costs
  11. Integrates with asset module
  12. Set Vendor Payment Profile
    1. EFT
    2. Check
    3. Credit Card
    4. Other 3rd Party Vendor
  13. Excel Integration
  14. Mobile Compatibility:
    1. View Suppliers
    2. Approve Suppliers