It goes without saying that Family Offices hold a lot of assets. Some of these simply need to be tracked, and others will need to follow set depreciation schedules, and still others need to have critical information tracked (e.g. insurance on art). Entole plans to add a Fixed Asset Module to track and maintain vital information about a Family’s assets.


  1. Purchases automatically posted to Fixed Asset Module
  2. Custom fields to support tracking insurance policies
  3. Allowance for multiple depreciation methods
  4. Common methods pre-seeded
  5. Custom methods can be created
  6. Depreciation automatically posted to GL
  7. Automatic assignment of fixed asset numbering
  8. Integrated with project accounting module
  9. Parent Child Relationships
  10. Maintenance of detailed fixed asset registers
  11. Date of Purchase
  12. Asset Class
  13. Location of asset
  14. Cost Center details
  15. Asset Numbers
  16. And customizable values
  17. Workflow and approval integration