Documents are an essential part of a Family office, whether you are organizing the original records of bills, storing records of trade confirmations, or storing presented reports from quarterly board meetings. Entole provides easy access to these documents, whenever and wherever you are. These documents can be attached directly to the records they belong to via e-mail, web-based uploads, or mobile applications. They can then be shared, viewed, checked out, or annotated through a mobile application for collaboration.


Document Management Features:


  1. Attaching of A/P and A/R invoices to record in system
  2. Optical Character Reader (OCR) functionality for A/P invoices
  3. Integration with Project Management
  4. Desktop Application
  5. Web-based Application
  6. Mobile Application
  7. Microsoft Office Integration


Features Under Development:


  1. Integration with Sales Cloud
  2. Automatic Archival into an Auditable File Structure that may be browsed through a web interface or file browser:
    1. A/P Invoice Documentation as PDFs
      1. Automatically Save Invoice Images
      2. Automatically Save Invoice Profiling Data
      3. Automatically Save all Approval Processes
    2. A/P Payment Documentation as PDFs
      1. Payment Records
      2. Payment Batch Records
      3. Stop Payments
      4. Payment Voids