Currently this infrastructure is deployed on the Oracle Cloud using an Acquia Cloud Enterprise (ACE) subscription to deliver your dashboards and other non-sensitive tools. Due to the unparalleled security of the Oracle cloud, and to minimize the distribution of your financial information, we have designed our dashboards to only keep your financial information on the Oracle Cloud. Given the right fit, we will vet and deploy the infrastructure in a privately managed data-center, although due to the non-stop monitoring requirements.  For many, this is cost-prohibitive and unnecessary. All of your data housed within the Oracle Cloud can be backed up on a mutually agreed upon interval to an off-site location of your choosing, be it directly to your Family Office or a back-up service you control.


  1. Cloud-based
    1. Same cloud used by 75%+ of Fortune 100 Companies
    2. Processes 31B+ Records a Day
    3. Almost unlimited data (only restriction is on Documents, this can be expanded to a theoretically unlimited amount)
    4. 99.5% SLA
    5. Our Cloud Provider, Oracle, has a robust backup policy, which includes backing up to both disk and tape. The backup schedule, managed by Oracle, provides both online and offline backups, to both disk and tape. Backups contain application artifacts, database artifacts, and security artifacts, where the schedule includes continuous backups to disk, periodic backups to Oracle Secure Backup server, and periodic backups (hourly, nightly & weekly) to tape backups. The off-site tape storage vendor takes the tapes off-site on a daily basis. The data stored in the backup tapes for the service is encrypted using strong cryptography (AES-256 bit) and a true random number generator (TRNG) for the generation of strong keys. A backup is retained online and/or offline for a period of at least 60 days after the date that the backup is made. Restoration of data from stored backup tapes is tested twice annually. Backup tapes are stored offsite, using the services of Iron Mountain. We can provide regular back-ups digitally or physically of ALL of your data at any interval you request.
  2. Support Options
    1. 8x5 Support from Our Team
      1. Our Digital Company is an Oracle Gold Partner and maintains partnership with firms specializing in all of the technology used in our stack to maximize available support on demand.
    2. 24x7 Out-sourced Monitoring and Support Desk for Cloud Infrastructure
  3. Implementation Tools
    1. Documented Deployment Process
    2. Questionnaire-driven Deployment Project Creator
    3. Assignable Project Management for Deployment Projects