Managing cash-flows across numerous legal entities can be a very labor intensive process. To enable you to effectively manage your cash-flow, Entole allows you to see your cash standing across one or more entities at the push of a button. Additionally, there are many reports out of the box to assist with your activities. Entole also offers unique cash flow management tools in relation to many of its competitors, to include multi-currency translation, budgeting comparisons to assist with projects, and the ability to automatically integrate with your bank accounts.


Current features:


  1. Automatic uploading of bank activity to Entole
    1. With appropriate support from your bank
  2. Multi-currency
  3. Automatic translation of foreign currency accounts/activities to functional currency
  4. Collaborative Close Process
  5. Visualization Capabilities
  6. Cash balance forecasting
  7. Sort transactions by any field, to include amount or date
  8. Allow for sorting transactions by type
  9. Cash transactions automatically reflected in GL
  10. Allow reconciliation of multiple accounts simultaneously
  11. Unlimited number of connected bank accounts
  12. Generate Outstanding Checks Report
  13. Generate Cancelled Checks Report
  14. Easy upload of budgets via Excel Spreadsheet
  15. Budget consolidation
  16. Ability to use allocation tables to allocate overhead expenses across offices
  17. Ability to budget revenues at customer level
  18. Ability to run budgeted vs. actual comparison
  19. Ability to compare multiple budgets versus actuals
  20. Ability to drill down through comparisons to subsidiaries
  21. Ability to run exception reports for unique situations, such as large variances, and quick drill-down
  22. Excel integration
  23. Ability to use allocation tables to allocate overhead expenses across departments (Available with customization)
  24. Ability to use allocation tables to allocate overhead expenses across employees (Available with customization)


Future Enhancements:


  1. What/If Analysis
  2. Budgeting Versions
  3. Ability to budget expenses at employee level
  4. Customizable approval flow
  5. Foreign currency contracts