A native A/R tool will help further centralize your information, minimize errors, and improve your internal controls. Soon Entole will release an A/R module that will allow you to manage all of your invoices for your various Legal Entities (e.g. rent invoices for real estate, or even more advanced invoices if you run an operating business off of the infrastructure). Here are some of the features that will be coming to the A/R module:


  1. Invoice Creation for LE (Legal Entity)
  2. Intercompany Invoicing
  3. Custom Invoice Numbering Sequences
    1. Provides for gapless invoicing
  4. Customer Accounts
  5. Ability to apply credit memos
  6. Ability to post to Cash Management and A/R module simultaneously
  7. Allow for partial payment application
  8. Generate notifications for past-due invoices
    1. Customizable date-based triggers
  9. Customer Activity Reports
  10. Custom Application Rules
  11. A/R Aging Reports
  12. Payment Receipt
  13. Excel Integration
  14. Dispute Management
  15. Advanced Revenue Recognition Rules
  16. Advanced Collections