Handling the processing of payments can be a very time consuming activity in a Family Office and involves the risky process of remitting funds to third parties. To support this, Entole provides automated tools to help expedite the payment process, integration with third party payment processors or custodians, handling of positive pay, easy management of batches of payments, electronic payments, and much more. By utilizing the system in conjunction with approval workflows, you have the ability to minimize your risk while minimizing the work involved in processing payments.


Current Features:


  1. Automated Invoicing Processing w/ OCR
  2. Hundreds of Payment Options
    1. Print to Check Stock
    2. Positive Pay Support
    3. Export to AvidPay for Fullfillment
    4. Remit via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
    5. Custom Integration
  3. Multi-currency support
  4. Customizable approval flow
  5. Tracks and processes information for 1099s
  6. Allows entering of credit memos
  7. Can apply credit memos to unpaid invoices
  8. Flags duplicate invoices
  9. Allows processing invoices across all Legal Entities through one interface
  10. Allows pre-configuration of Coding for Invoices
  11. Summary reports for payments for Invoice Batches
  12. Advanced Tax Coding
  13. Searchable Database of Invoices
  14. Easy drill back to invoice from GL
  15. Pay invoices for multiple Legal Entities from one company and automatically perform intercompany allocations
  16. Excel Integration
  17. Support for a variety of accounting methods to allow handling of one or more set of books depending on the regulatory requirements for a given entity or group of entities, pre-seeded with:
    1. Cash Accounting
    2. Standard Accrual
    3. Standard Accrual for China
    4. Standard Accrual with Encumbrance
    5. Additional methods can be built if needed.


Features Under Development:


  1. Vendor Self-Serve Portals
  2. Budgetary Controls