Entole is an integrated platform that supports proper governance, processes, and legal structures in your organization. This infrastructure leverages best-of-class technologies to assemble a completely integrated infrastructure for the Family Office. The infrastructure is Cloud-based and accessible through modern desktop and mobile devices. Everything in this infrastructure is integrated, and through your dashboard you can view consolidated financial information for your entire enterprise. With regularly tested disaster recovery and security standards trusted by 75% of the Fortune 100 companies, you can rest assured that safeguards are in place designed to keep your data is safe.


The technology infrastructure began with the initial planning phase in 2014 and formally entered R&D in May 2016. Since we began this process we have collaborated with Oracle, C3 Business Solutions, Acquia, AvidPay, legal, and accounting professionals to build an infrastructure custom-tailored for the Family Office industry. Currently, we have over 20 resources assigned to the Entole project, and other team members brought in on-demand as the various project needs arise. Between our organization and our partners, utilizing battle-tested middleware, we offer the most advanced technology solution available for the Family Office industry.


How to properly implement technology in the Family Office has been a challenge for the industry for decades. While there are many solutions in this industry, up until now they have failed in one or more of these three areas:


  1. Their feature-set was not drawn from a comprehensive set of industry best practices, and instead were designed from the needs of an individual Family Office or a narrow segment of what a Family Office needs from technology.
    1. Problem: Certain gaps in technology may exist, for instance, consolidated reporting may require the manual consolidation of dozens, if not hundreds, of spreadsheets.
    2. Problem: Access to real-time information spanning multiple entities or subject areas is nonexistent, or limited at best.
    3. Problem: This pre-supposes that your Family Office has gone through the lengthy mapping process of best practices and spent years customizing your software to support these.
  2. Even if individual software(s) appropriately addresses a narrow need of the Family Office industry, integration between the various required systems is not supported.
    1. Problem: This requires extremely expensive integrations to be built that often never fully automate the flow of information between systems.
    2. Problem: Integrations often require continual maintenance as issues arise or a vendor changes API (Access Protocol Information) requirements (with or without prior notification).
    3. Problem: Inevitable gaps in information prolong the consolidation of information for reporting.
  3. They are built from the ground-up, instead of leveraging off of infrastructure relied upon some of the largest corporations in the world, with billions of dollars of support R&D and decades of building feature-lists.
    1. Problem: Features that may be standard in many more mature systems will require new development or redevelopment of critical areas of the site. This can lead to delays in the use of software and even the breaking of existing features that must be rebuilt to support the new requirements that arise.
    2. Problem: Issues of stability and scaling arise from building fresh foundational elements.


To properly address these problems, Entole was built from a comprehensive set of requirements that addresses the unique needs for Governance, Processes, and Legal Structures that exist in the Family Office industry. We partner with Oracle and leverage their Cloud technology for both their infrastructure and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology.  We have heavily customized this system and infrastructure to support the unique needs of the Family Office industry. Oracle’s ERP technology has been available for decades. It has been built to support thousands of potential business cases and continues to receive commitments of extensive ongoing research and development. Instead of seeking to invest comparable time and money to replace what already exists, we decided to leverage off the tools that Oracle has successfully deployed to thousands of businesses throughout the world. By relying upon this built-in functionality, Entole is prepared to address thousands of potential considerations, such as might arise for bill-pay, various international accounting methods, multi-currency ledgers, reliable and auditable workflow engines, just to name a few. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we took the wheel that has been battle-tested and time-proven, and focused on using it in a custom-built vehicle that lends itself to exactly what a Family Office industry requires. 


Additionally, one of our factors in selecting services to incorporate into our product-offering was the strength of integration for the service-line. By requiring extremely strong integration capabilities, every piece of the foundation shares information seamlessly and allows for any unique implementation considerations that may arise in your individual Family Office. And perhaps best of all, it never tarries from one of our central tenants, that is that we must offer one centralized “source of truth” for your Family’s information. Providing one “source of truth” allows for consolidated reporting and real-time analytics about anything in your Family’s Office at the push of a button. Not only will members of the Family, especially in rising generations, have their need for real-time reporting fulfilled, your Family Office should recognize many hundreds of hours in saved time each year by allowing the Entole to automatically consolidate your reporting.


While it is great to have everything under one roof, the problem of communication plagues most organizations. Entole addresses this with its embedded social network. Conversations within the social network may be attached to the various objects inside of your infrastructure and accessed on demand from a mobile application, web browser, or from almost any object inside of Entole. This ensures that the subject of your conversation is never lost in your inbox or buried in a chat thread through an unintegrated third party system. One of our favorite features in Entole’s social network allows Family Office Team members and Family members to flag easily any team member for their information or response (normal or urgent priority). These flags then send out special notifications via push message and/or e-mail and are accessible in a special view that allows the viewing of your outstanding flags or flags you have assigned to others. In addition to the flagging functionalities, one is able to group sets of conversations together and favorite messages or threads of messages for future reference. Additionally, every message is permanently archived to support whatever your audit requirements may be. Entole’s communication tools will undoubtedly transform your internal communications within the Family Office and may be utilized for communications with Family members involved in governance, as well as beneficiaries and third-party service providers.  As with all other areas on the Entole system, you may provide firewalls within the system to ensure that the right people have access to the right information.


Finally, it would be incomplete to build a system as complex as Entole without an eye to ease of use. We recognize that there can be feature overload.  During the implementation, custom dashboards will be prepared that are mapped to the information requirements your Family Office.  Your dashboards will be available on both desktop and mobile web browsers. For example, Family members may wish to only see their outstanding approvals, access to a set library of reports, and their social feed – this can be made accessible via authentication and a secure connection from any mobile or desktop device. Or perhaps your Accounts Payable Specialist wishes to process invoices or payments according to your default profile and not be presented with options for payment plans, discount structures for early payments, or any of the thousands of other options that Oracle makes available; to solve this, we will implement an interface that prompts for the minimum information possible, making the use of the system quick and easy, but never compromising the feature-rich set that may be unlocked within Entole should the need arise.