Our implementation methodology is relatively easy to get started, but it does require time and full engagement on the part of all Stakeholders, including Family members, Family Office Team members, and Trusted Advisors.


Generally speaking the Entole planning process involves the following steps:


  1. An Introductory Call and Visit with key Stakeholders;
  2. Gathering the Family Estate;
  3. An Entole Professional Evaluation;
  4. An Entole Strategy Planning Visit;
  5. Analyzing & Testing;
  6. Creating Your Custom Entole Strategy;
  7. Presenting the Preliminary Entole Strategy;
  8. Presenting the Final Entole Strategy;
  9. Entole Strategy Implementation;
  10. Confirmation & Testing; and
  11. Formal Updating, Reporting & Maintenance.


While the above captures the essence of the Entole process, several of the steps may be broken into additional sub-steps depending upon the particular implementation. 


While the implementation duration may vary, we generally anticipate a 3-12 month period for full implementation depending upon the complexity of the implementation.  It is expected that phased implementation will be available to those who require going live with prioritized functions as soon as possible, allowing for the full implementation to be phased in over an agreed upon time period.