Entole is Family Office Infrastructure as a service tailored to the specific requirements of families and those working within or in coordination with Family Offices.  Entole provides infrastructure to existing and newly forming Single Family Offices (SFOs) and Multi-Family Offices (MFOs) to better ensure proper implementation of four pillars essential to an effective Family Office:


  1. Governance,
  2. Processes,
  3. Legal Structures,
  4. and Technology.


Participants within the Family Office industry understand that there is a bewildering array of best practices that apply to their endeavors.  The stumbling block for many is the difficult time they have in establishing, gaining adoption, and managing those best practices.  These difficulties are then compounded because many of these best practices require ongoing inputs from the Family Office Team members, as well as third-party service providers and the Family members themselves.  Entole is purposely designed to reduce technical complexity with built-in best practices that deliver and measure Family Office operational success. 


Family Offices share many common requirements (despite their intrinsic differences): requirements for data security, fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities, controls to minimize risk of employee errors (or outright theft), development of investment strategies and measurement of investment performance, clear processes to support financial strategies (such as those relating to tax and estate planning and cash flow management), risk management, philanthropic activities, and back office accounting and reporting.  Entole is designed to address these common features.


Recognizing that every Family Office is unique, our pre-seeded activity sets are intended to be customized to the needs of particular Family Office Team members during the onboarding process, and then regularly evaluated and improved through periodic feedback and improvement cycles. We also understand that many existing Family Offices have established processes that they would wish to bring to the platform.  We are happy to work with what a Family Office already has, while suggesting other processes to plug any gaps. In either event, the result is a bespoke structure that is tailored to each Family’s evolving requirements, as well as the requirements of the Family Office Teams who serve them.


At a Family’s request, we are also available to serve in various roles within a Family governance structure.  We always begin with the premise that families should continue to work closely with their most trusted advisors.  In fact, a North Star for us is to ensure that Entole better enables Family members and those who serve them to gain access to accurate, timely, factual information through a secure, robust, easy to use medium for sharing those facts so that they can best achieve a unity of purpose.  We believe this will strengthen existing relationships, and free up individuals to remain engaged in areas of focus requiring their unique strengths.


There are times where there are gaps within a service team that the Family Office needs filled.  In certain circumstances, we may be able to assist.  One such instance where we can help with our personnel would be where a Family wishes to establish its PTC in Wyoming.  We sit in Jackson Hole, and would be happy to speak with you about how we can assist you in establishing nexus with Wyoming to enjoy many of our legal and tax benefits.  These benefits relate to the following areas:


  1. The Rule Against Perpetuities and the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax;
  2. Wyoming imposes no state income taxes;
  3. Privacy;
  4. Modern Trust Laws;
  5. Direct trusts;
  6. Trust protectors;
  7. Special purpose entities;
  8. Purpose trusts;
  9. Ease in migrating and resettling trusts to Wyoming;
  10. Reformation and trust decanting statutes;
  11. Virtual beneficiary representation;
  12. Private trust companies (both regulated and unregulated);
  13. Self-settled asset protection trusts;
  14. Statutory Protection of beneficiary interests in trusts; and
  15. Heightened protection of limited liability companies.


We are experienced in serving as officers, directors, and as a back office to PTCs that function as Family Offices.  Further, Jackson Hole is a beautiful venue for periodic meetings of the Board of Directors.  While Entole is tailored to the Jackson Hole experience, it is also applicable to those who choose to domicile their activities in other jurisdictions.


You may say, the essence of the Entole offering is a “hosted and bespoke PTC”.  Bring your Family, your trusted advisors, and your burning desire to possess a platform that provides built-in best practices that deliver and measure Family Office operational success. 


Finally, we partnered with Oracle and leveraged their Cloud technology to gain access to their infrastructure and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology.  As of this writing, the Oracle platform in one form or another has been adopted in exactly 100% of the Fortune 100 companies.  We then heavily customized the Oracle system to support the unique needs of the Family Office industry.  By combining Oracle’s top of class ERP with our focus in serving the requirements of the Family Office industry, we believe Entole will become the platform of choice for Family Offices.