Are you looking at everyone you love and everything own from the Enterprise View?   


Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Family Office Exchange often states:  "If you have seen one family office, you have seen one family office." This follows because the services performed by any given family office are shaped by the vision and priorities of the family that it serves. Thus, when a family lacks a shared alignment then the family fails to prioritize the management of its risks and opportunities holistically across the broad spectrum of its Family Enterprise; however, when a family does achieve this clarity and alignment, it has the opportunity to become an Enterprising Family.  The Family Enterprise View is a holistic attention to the family's past, present, and future as it relates to its shared purpose, values, family members, and family wealth. 


We work with families (and their other trusted advisors) to facilitate conversations necessary to establish alignment and engagement by articulating a clear mission statement, code of ethics, and family constitution.  This alignment and engagement directly supports the creation of a shared family vision and identification of goals and risks to be managed.  Out of this clarity, the family and those who serve the family can better understand and promote its formal and informal relationships across the entire Family Enterprise (family members, team members, and family wealth).  This leads to the alignment of attitudes, behaviors, and educational opportunities for the betterment of the entire family, the community, and the world.