The Family Wealth Industry has already seen the rise of Family Offices out of business-centric families.  And now a holistic focus on the Family Enterprise represents the next leap forward.  The Family Enterprise consists of all that a family is and possesses - its cherished family members, businesses, the investment capital, the philanthropic capital, and the recreational assets and opportunities.  All of it!  For a given family you might summarize it as "everyone they love and everything they own."  


Enterprising Families are characterized by approaching the Family Enterprise in a holistic fashion, manifesting alignment of purpose and management of risks and opportunities across the entire spectrum. Through this holistic stewardship, Enterprising Families preserve the Family Enterprise for generations and positively impact the world around them.  


We work directly with families and their trusted advisors to design and deploy the requisite tools to enable families to efficiently and effectively manage their Family Enterprise holistically through a shared, centralized infrastructure. This often includes governance and owner education, investment planning, wealth structure planning, philanthropic planning, accounting and reporting, and technology.  


When it comes to enterprising families, everything begins with adopting the Family Enterprise View