Grupp Fiduciary Services provides a customizable infrastructure for the Family Office Industry. 


We partner with high net worth families and their family office teams to deploy custom designed Wyoming Single Family Private Trust Companies that utilize our proprietary technological infrastructure built upon Oracle's robust Enterprise Resource Planning platform to enable high net worth families and their family office teams to administer their family organizations. 


All of Grupp Fiduciary’s systems are delivered with modern Web 2.0 technologies, integrated with Microsoft Exchange, hundreds of brokerage firms, and an integrated, in-house social network for secure, efficient communications among their family, family office team, and Grupp Fiduciary Services teams.


Through our participation with the board of directors and various organizational committees (such as the investment, distribution, and audit committees) we tailor and provide continual monitoring of recommended best practices encapsulated within a project management module that is tailored to each family's particular family members, family office teams, and family assets.


The result is a family organizational ecosystem that supports family processes that enable a family to steward its assets and relationships toward one another, their family office team, and the public to achieve successful family governance, education, execution on strategic opportunities, and risk management. 


This family ecosystem can then be leveraged to achieve integrated solutions in such areas as investment planning, tax and estate planning, insurance planning, as a risk management strategy, philanthropic planning, and consolidated financial reporting. 


Depending upon each family's unique situation and goals the many benefits of organizing a family's Private Trust Company in Wyoming may be achieved, such as: ease of formation and administration, limited regulatory requirements, an absence of capital requirements, no state income taxes, favorable trust legislation that provides for trust protectors, reformation and decanting statutes, directed trusts, dynasty trusts, asset protection trusts, self-settled trusts, and discretionary trusts.